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We are retired Professional Freelance Photographers, our philosophy is to take photos that will be  cherished for a lifetime, being retired we now take on limited photography sessions and events that interest us.  For more details contact us if you have a need for a photographer.

Now a little more about ourselves:

John and Nancy Roskos

Nancy and I have over 50 years of various photography experience between us.

My knowledge relating to photography began in High School in the darkroom working in offset photography which is taking photos of photos then developing them into negatives for printing in news type papers or magazines. I then moved on to 35 mm film cameras in the 70's to pursue my passion for photography as an amateur.

Nancy studied art at Brownell School in Cleveland. We married in 1974 and since then she has assisted me in my photography with her artistic view. Nancy’s, actual hands on camera photography began when we as a team in 2002 converted from film to digital photography and established JPRphotos.

Customer Comments, weddings, portraits, parties:

Great photos John!

Angela, your wedding looked beautiful,  Best wishes!!

So many beautiful shots...I don't even know where to begin!

You have really out done yourself...these are so beautiful! I am so happy you were able to photograph our wedding!!!

Oh my goodness...John it's awesome!!! Thanks so much, looks really great.

Kelli and I appreciate all that you have done with the wedding photos. They are great!

Thank you so much for such an amazing gift of memories we will all cherish! Thank you so much John.

Not only do we love the pictures. Paul does as well. And its pretty hard to please a teenager! Thank you so much.

The pictures look amazing. We were glad to be able to share our day with you guys.

Everything turned out great and we couldn't have asked for more.

You guys are totally amazing, and I can't tell you how appreciative we are for the photos.

Thank you so much for taking these photos. They are awesome and will have these memories forever. Being that I was so busy these pictures help tell me that everyone was having a good time. From my heart thank you again. You two did a wonderful job capturing these moments

Commercial and Retail Clients:

Sans Souci Restaurant, Brass Lounge, Irwin Bay Cottages, Country Cottages, Shawn Lake, Hazen Manner, Georgian Pillars, The Pencil Box, Roots of American Music, Brandz Concrete and Design, Cresent Electric, Newark, Premier Farnell and Samuel Adams.

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